May Client Spotlight

Meet Melissa, Mint's May Client of the Month


Mint: How do you think Pilates has affected your life outside the studio?

Melissa: I’m a self-declared Mint addict, so I hate missing classes. Pilates affords me my work-life balance. I have to leave work on time to make it to class, or else. It’s also affected how I spend my weekends. I make healthier choices because I love the Saturday morning classes.

Mint: What first got you interested in Pilates?

Melissa: Improved posture and flexibility. And who hasn’t dreamed of being a ballerina? I was at first curious to see if I could even keep up. Sometimes I feel as though I’m the only one in class who doesn’t identify as a dancer. It’s been a challenge from the beginning and that’s kept me interested 2 years later.

Mint: What is something that keeps you coming back to Mint?

Melissa: Classes are the perfect balance of the routine and the unexpected. And I’m always curious to hear what workout move metaphors Gabby has come up. From “peeing on a fire hydrant”, “showing off your necklace”, “serving a platter”, to whatever this week’s will be, there is something new every day.

Mint: What is your favorite move while in class?

Melissa: It would be much easier to answer which one is my least favorite! I’m a sucker for the teaser at the very end of a mat class—it’s pretty and precise. Because teasers require core and flexibility, you can instantly tell how much you’re improving and that’s rewarding.