November Client Spotlight

Meet Kanako, Mint's November Client of the Month

From Mint Owner and Founder Elaine: I have been working with Kanako since the fall of 2011. Initially a Pilates client of mine, we quickly became friends and I enthusiastically looked forward to our weekly private session every Thursday evening. A big Mint supporter from day one, when Kanako heard of our teacher training she was the first to sign up and hit the ground running. Kanako is a naturally gifted teacher who is able to inspire those around her with her joyous presence and grace. We are so lucky to have her as an ongoing client and now wonderful team member. It's an honor to introduce you to my dear friend Kanako:

MINT: How long have you been taking Pilates?

Kanako: I have been taking Pilates for now a little over 4 years! I just checked my google calendar and the first time I met Elaine and took Pilates was at her old apartment back on September 1st, 2011! 

MINT: Having gone through all of our Pilates teacher training programs, what did you like most about the certification program at Mint?

Kanako: I really appreciated the support from the team and the instructors. You are encouraged in such positive ways that your strengths and talents are rediscovered! All the hard work transforms into joy and the journey of growth is forever encouraged with lots of love and support. I'm happy that I was able to start my Pilates practice at Mint!

MINT: What is your favorite Pilates movement?

Kanako: So many… but if I were to choose, on the reformer is stomach massage series with the ball behind your back, deep and crazy burn on your abs! On the mat is
open leg rocker, it feels athletic and fun.

MINT: What has been the most notable change you have experienced from Pilates?

Kanako: The reason why I started Pilates was due to my lower back pain from working in front of the computer for a long period of time. After my first Pilates session, my pain was reduced remarkably and by my second session, the pain was gone! In addition, I started to feel good and positive. I also started looking toned after classes
which made me very happy! I've basically found true joy in my life!