Mint Studios is now MNTSTUDIO! Q + A with MNTSTUDIO Founder, Elaine Hayes

You’ve been busy! There is so much exciting change happening for Mint, or should I say, MNTSTUDIO.


Q: Why the name change, and what does “MNT” stand for?

Elaine: We believe change is a good thing! Our studio has become more than just a place where you go to exercise, and we needed to evolve our namesake to match how our studio has naturally evolved. “MNT” stands for “Move, Nourish, Transform”. These three principles are the cornerstones of what we do at MNTSTUDIO and it feels like a much more fitting name than the former. We’re here to make people’s lives healthier, more balanced, and happier through movement. And it’s with the support of our community, a healthy approach to eating, and our amazing fitness classes that we see people transforming their lives for the better every day.

Q: Will you miss “Mint Studios” or excited to evolve into this new brand?

Elaine: “Mint Studios” will always have a special place in my heart, but I’m so excited for the ways we’re expanding our offerings. In the coming months, you’ll see a bigger emphasis on the “Nourish” aspect of our offerings. We’ll be offering more support than ever to our clients and community to make balanced and healthy eating decisions, as well as offering fun, community-building events and opportunities. More than ever, the MNT community will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded, awesome people through us.

Q: The new (remodeled) space is really looking amazing, how many fitness studios do you have now at MNT HQ and what else has changed?

Elaine: Thank you! After opening our doors in 2013, we quickly outgrew our 2,000 sq ft space. When the opportunity arose to take over more square footage and expand our studio, I knew it was meant to be. I worked with the incredibly talented designer, Cassandra Crain, as well as my amazing architect, Adriana Daringa, to carefully design the new space to meet the needs of our clients based on our observations over the past several years: We needed bigger studio spaces, more seating, more bathrooms, and better amenities. We had so much fun working out all the details based on function as well as design, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Our Group Fitness Studio (where we offer Mat Pilates, MNTbarre, and Yoga) is now almost double the space with plenty of natural light and brand-new hardwood floors. Our Reformer Studio is now double the size and separated from the reception area, allowing for a less crowded experience as well as more privacy. We’ve replaced our Studio Reformers with brand-new Allegro 2 Reformers, which allow for lots of new and exciting exercises to be performed on the machines.

Our Private Pilates sessions are now in a serene, separate space, allowing for more privacy for our clients as well as better availability for booking. With the ability now to offer towel service, clients can borrow a small fresh towel free of charge to help blot that sweaty glow during and after class. We also added more restrooms, a shower, more changing areas, and more spacious seating areas so that everyone has a place to get settled before and after class. Working out at MNT is easier than ever with all the amenities you may need before, during, or after your workday. We also have some gorgeous new retail coming in, which I cannot wait to debut!

One of the things I’m most excited about is our new Childcare offering. We’re going to be rolling out our Childcare Program over the next few weeks, but all I can say is that I want to live in the Childcare room! We had so much fun designing and decorating it, and I think our MNT kiddos are going to love it. As a new mom-to-be myself, I realize the importance of support when it comes to caring for your kids so that you can take care of yourself. With our new Childcare Program, parents will be able to book their little ones in for childcare when they book their class. Childcare will be offered during specific times throughout the week, so keep an eye out for when we announce that!

Q: Will the classes change?

Elaine: Nope, our classes are not changing, but we are giving our equipment and class names a little makeover. As I mentioned above, we’ve swapped out our Reformers for brand-new Allegro 2 Reformers. These are the most versatile, top of the line machines available on the market, and we are so excited for our clients to begin experiencing the amazing results the Allegro 2 offers. Our signature style and format will not change, so you can expect to still get the incredible head-to-toe toning you’ve come to know and love in our Reformer classes.

Our barre classes are now called MNTbarre. As much as we loved our former name, the barre classes we teach at MNTSTUDIO are our own signature format that I personally developed and created, and it only makes sense to call it as such. Again, the class format is not changing, just the name. We have a MNTbarre training coming up May 13th and 14th, so if you’re interested in joining our amazing team of instructors, you can learn more and apply here

Q: Can you tell us more about MNTbarre, and what makes it different than other barre classes?

Elaine: Anyone who takes MNTbarre for the first time is amazed by how much fun yet effective it is. Unlike many barre formats out there, MNTbarre focuses on full range of motion movements, which allow for the body to move the way it’s meant to, while toning head to toe. We also incorporate cardio into all our MNTbarre classes, which means you break a serious sweat – the average calorie burn is usually around 400 per class! What everyone loves about MNTbarre is that it gets the job done all in one go. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about going to do cardio after your barre class – It’s an all-in-one deal which delivers serious results. Another great thing about MNTbarre is that virtually anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a dancer, coordinated, already fit, or a certain size or age. It’s such a great, inclusive class, and it meets you where you are, not the other way around.

Q: I see that you are offering teacher trainings now too?

Elaine: Yes! As I mentioned above, we have a MNTbarre training coming up May 13th and 14th which is going to be amazing.  Our Spring Reformer Training is about to start and is full, but we’ll have another one in the Fall, so keep an eye out for that too. I personally developed and created both of our Teacher Training Programs over the last several years. Our programs are super effective at producing incredible instructors, and that’s something I’m really proud of. We teach you not only the material, but how to engage your students so that your class enjoys every aspect of the experience. Training new instructors is one of my greatest joys, and creating the programs has been a passion project for me. I love seeing new instructors thrive and change people’s lives for the better!

Q: When’s the grand re-opening party? Can I come?

Elaine: We’re doing a soft opening of the new space in April (we haven’t announced a date yet), and we’re going to have a party sometime in late Spring. Yes, anyone who is interested in coming can come to our grand opening party, so keep an eye out for when we announce that!

Q: Last question, I have to call out the elephant in the room, when are you due? And you look fabulous, have you been working out throughout your pregnancy?

Elaine: Ah, thank you! Baby Boy Hayes is due mid-April and we cannot wait to meet him! It’s been a whirlwind few months with the expansion of the studio as well as our family, but it’s also been a wonderfully exciting time and I cannot wait for both my “babies” to be born. I’ve remained physically active throughout my pregnancy, and taking classes at MNTSTUDIO has helped me immensely with staying fit, pain free, and most of all, sane! Our classes are so great for prenatal clients because they can be easily modified and are low impact. I also have been loving the Prenatal Reformer class on Sundays. It feels so great for my body and insures everything is properly aligned –so important when preparing for labor!

Q: Ok, very last question – How can I sign up?

Elaine: Visit our website at There, you can take a look at our schedule and decide which class you want to take!