Healthy Summer Appetizers and Cocktails

With summer right around the corner it's time for BBQ's and bikinis. I've whipped up some really easy and healthy appetizers and cocktails so that you can look and feel fabulous this summer! 

Mini Burger Bites 


1lb grass fed beef or turkey

1 avocado

Cherry tomatoes

Grass fed full-fat cheese


Roll 1 pound of grass-fed beef into 20-25 small burgers

Cook in a cast iron pan until cooked through

Slice tomatoes, cheese and avocado into bite sized chunks

Skewer tomatoes, cheese, avocado and burger and serve! Makes 20-25 skewers


Prosciutto Wrapped Guacamole Bell Peppers


15 mini bell peppers sliced in half



1 Teaspoon cayenne pepper

Salt to taste


Slice mini bell peppers in half and clean out seeds

Use a spoon to scoop guacamole into the middle of the bell peppers

Sprinkle with a very tiny amount of cayenne pepper and salt

Wrap each bell pepper in 1/2 a piece of prosciutto cut lengthwise and serve! Makes about 30.


Green Dream 


1/2 bottle of BluePrint Kale Apple Green Juice

1 shot of tequila

Splash of mescal

Juice from 1 lemon

Mint and watermelon slice to garnish

Serves 1