February Client Spotlight

Meet Guillaume and Camille, Mint's Clients of the Month

MINT: What are the biggest changes you have seen in yourself since you started Pilates?

Guillaume: I feel globally better. No back pain, more flexible, better posture and my body is in way better shape overall. Also, now I feel bad after a few days without going to Mint. I'm addicted to feeling good. :)

Camille: Since I started Pilates my whole body is generally in better shape. I do have more abs which helped me a lot to recover from my pregnancies and gave me the opportunity to get rid of my low back pain. I feel like I'm stronger than before.

MINT: What do you like about working out together at Mint Studios?

Camille: We both have a busy schedule, so when we finally find an hour to workout together it's kind of a small taste of being a young couple without kids again.

MINT: What brought you into Mint for Pilates?

Camille: I first came into the studio after my first pregnancy. I liked how the studio looked from the outside. I didn't know anything about Pilates but what I knew was that I needed to workout to get my body back. ;-) So I decided to have a try... and I never stopped since then.

Guillaume: My wife was even more stunning after starting Pilates, so I decided to try it too!