How I Use Crystals For Support In My Everyday Life

My home has crystals all over the place. Some are there simply because I think they are gorgeous and go with the decor in the room while others play an important role in balancing energy and bringing power to a space. Crystals are very healing, powerful stones that can have a big impact on how you and your home feel. Here are a few crystals that I love having around! 


My first amethyst was given to me as a bit of a joke by a friend back on my 21st birthday. She said that amethyst was known to help with the intoxicating affect of red wine; perfect for a 21st birthday present. That aside, amethyst is an incredibly powerful and protective stone. It's best placed next to your bed as it will help calm the mind and relax you. It vibrates on a very high spiritual level so it's the perfect stone to accompany you during meditation too. 


I have a clear quartz crystal right by my front door as a way to dispel any negative energy that may try to come into my home. Clear quartz is a great way to rid your home or office of stagnant, negative energy. Clear quartz also helps raise energy levels so I carry a small crystal quartz with me in my purse too! 


This gorgeous blue stone is believed to be the bridge between heaven and earth. It is a very protective stone and is also seen as a good luck charm. Place turquoise stones near the front of your home or wear them as jewelry! 


One of the largest crystals that I have in my home is made of citrine. It was actually a wedding gift from my parents! This stone is the crystal of light and happiness; perfect as a wedding present! It emits large amounts of positive energy and helps you stay positive and think big!

Blue Calcite

This is a great stone for any home or office as it absorbs negative energy, cleans it and then emits it as positive energy into a space. Place this on your desk or in your office to help with negative emotions or energy.