Pilates For Runners Workshop: Take Your Running To The Next Level!

The Details

This two-hour workshop will introduce you to key Pilates principles and give you techniques that you can incorporate into your own training. 

When: Sunday, March 22nd, 2-4pm    

Where: Mint Studios, San Francisco 

Cost : $45



Sign Up Online: mintstudiospilates.com


You can expect to come away with: 

  • A deep understanding of breath and breathing exercises to increase running performance                       
  • Joint exercises                                                                      
  • Strength and stretch exercises to incorporate into your training
  • Learning how to use a foam roller to release fascial(connective tissue) tension
  • Sample 5k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon training plans                                                               

  Meet the instructor, Allegra Poggio


     Allegra is a comprehensively certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor. She works with athletes, encouraging them to bring new elements into their training, through the core principles of Pilates. As a runner, she is passionate about working with people to bring awareness to their bodies to be strong, efficient and injury free runners. Her passion for running and Pilates and deep interest in anatomy will allow you to learn more about your mind and body to transform your training programs and your running. She has run 6 half marathons and is looking to complete her 7th in Eugene, Or in May.