December Client Spotlight

Meet Laura, Mint's December Client of the Month

Mint: What advice would you give to someone before they attend their first Pilates class?

Laura: I would tell them that: Pilates is a great fit for folks who think they don’t have time for exercise. It’s intense (read: efficient!) but not sweaty so you don’t need to shower afterwards. This makes it easy to squeeze into a lunch break. Also, two classes a week is enough to see big changes. Pilates is excellent for injury prevention and in some cases injury recovery. Specifically, I would highly recommend it to any new mom who can find the time, as the restored ab strength makes so many other parts of life easier.

Lastly, I want to say a big thanks to Mint for helping me transform. I’m not the easiest student given my total lack of natural athleticism and questionable listening skills. But Gabby, Carlie, Natalie, and Kanako have all been patient, fun, inspiring teachers!

Mint: What initially brought you into Mint Studios?

Laura: Fitness has always been really important to me, but last January I didn’t think it was possible to work into my life while juggling an intense full-time job and a baby and toddler at home. I was really out of shape after only having 6 months between pregnancies. My abs were a mess and I even had a diastasis rectii (when the abdominal muscles don’t come back together after pregnancy).

One day I searched on Yelp for fitness classes or gyms close to my office and found Mint, literally the closest one. Who knew I would find a new favorite form of exercise (Pilates reformer!) that worked perfectly with my schedule?

Mint: What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

Laura: The ones I love the most (but also hate the most) are any where I can feel actual heat come off my muscles and want to yell! I hadn’t experienced exercise with this kind of concentrated intensity before and I’ve been amazed by the power to target certain muscle groups and effect change.

Mint: What is the biggest change you have seen in your body since starting Pilates?

Laura: I knew from my first class with Gabby (who is an incredibly gifted teacher and healer) that Pilates reformer could have a powerful change on my body and my life. I am a very creative but sometime sloppy or clumsy person, and I could tell Pilates could bring care and control into not just physical aspects but every part of my life. I had to ask myself if I was ready for a big change, and I was.  

While it’s great to be able to rough house with a 30+ pound toddler, hang my bike on overhead hooks, and carry 8 boxes of books down the stairs without being sore, the biggest changes aren’t just in my muscles. I feel like I’ve gained endurance and grace in every aspect of my life.