"Yes, this studio is definitely a "Woohoo! As good as it gets!"

– Alexandra S. 

"I've seen and felt results that I have not with any other workout, and since coming my whole body has become leaner and stronger."

– Lauren K. 

"Upon moving to SF, I went to various classes, including some in South Bay and found Mint to be the best. The studio is very clean and the reformer classes are small enough that I feel like I'm getting great attention from the instructors."

 – Amy K.

"I swore off barre classes after trying the standard 'chain' barre studios because the teachers weren't correcting my postures and the end result was me hurting myself. When a friend asked me to go to Mint I agreed and I am so happy I did! I took Elaine's booty barre class and it seriously kicked my butt. What I appreciated the most about this class is that Elaine corrected everyone's positions and offered modifications for exercises where people could push if they were strong enough or build strength if they are new (me). I got a great workout and the right muscles were worked and no pain! I think if you are a barre vet this is a great studio and if you are new it is a great place to try and be comfortable. The studio is absolutely gorgeous, everyone is nice and helpful and it's very clean."

– Cooper E. 

"Love the vibe of the studio, both the clients and the instructors all seem like the kind of people you'd like to surround yourself with." 

– Rachel P.

"It's extremely clean, bright and welcoming. The music is killer!  Best I've heard at any SF studio which is much appreciated! I've taken 3 Booty Barre classes and I am very impressed."

– Samantha S.