Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any specials for new clients?

Yes! Click here to check out all the new client specials we offer. 

Can I take a Group Reformer Class if I've never done Pilates before? 

If you have never taken Pilates before, we recommend that you take a private session before you take a group Reformer class.  During this session, you will learn the ins and outs of the equipment, the basic technique you need to get through a group class, and any modifications you may need to make for your particular body. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with Pilates so that you can keep up with the deliberate pace of our group classes. If you don't want to invest in privates and are injury-free, you may take a group class and let your instructor know you're new. If you're not sure where to get started, call or email us – we're here to help!

How about MNTbarre classes?

Even if you've never taken any kind of barre class before, you may take our all-levels Barre classes. Just make sure you let the instructor know of any injuries so that we can modify exercises accordingly.

Are Pilates, MNTbarre appropriate during pregnancy? 

Yes, Pilates, Barre, are a wonderful way to stay in shape, feel good, and keep a strong and healthy back during pregnancy.  Please let your instructor know if you are expecting and we can modify exercises accordingly. After 20 weeks, you are required to take private instruction or join one of our Prenatal or MNTbarre classes. Please call us with any questions. 

What is the difference between Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates?

The Reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates (creator of the Pilates method) in order to assist clients who had difficulty performing the Mat exercises. Over time, the Reformer has become known for being an excellent way to spot-tone specific areas of the body, while the Mat work is excellent for a full-body workout which focuses primarily on the core. Pilates students often describe the Reformer as a fun and exciting way to get a great workout while the Mat work is sometimes referred to as Pilates in its purest form. At MNT, we teach in a way that always ensures a tough yet enjoyable workout, so whichever one you try, you're going to notice the results and feel great.

What should I wear? 

Our studio requires that you wear grip socks for all classes except yoga. We sell grip socks in our retail shop, so just ask if you forget yours! You should also wear comfortable but form-fitting clothes so our instructors can see your form and make appropriate corrections. Bear in mind your legs will sometimes be in the air, so if you're going to wear shorts make sure they move with you.