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 Give your body and mind a boost this Fall with the #MNT10 wellness-boosting fitness challenge. Gain strength, connect in community, awaken your mind + body, and remind yourself what it’s like to feel good!

Join us in committing to 10 MNT Classes in 14-days, and let's do this challenge together! Workout buddies make life sweeter!

#MNT10 Challenge Details

⚡️ Nov 5th - 18th

⚡️ Take 10 MNT classes in 14 days

⚡️ADD on an exclusive 10-Day CLEANSE with SAKARA*

Let's do this!

All we need is your name and email—it's that easy.

*Once you sign up for the Challenge, we’ll send you a special code so you get 15% off! 😉



  • All participants receive 20% off a 10-pack class package (Limit 1 class package per person at special rate.) You'll receive your discount code upon signing up.

  • Access to the exclusive Sakara 10-Day Program with a special 15% off code just for MNT10 Challenge Participants.

  • A kick-off party on Sunday, November 4th with a complimentary MNT Pilates Bootcamp class with Elaine (limited to 30 spots) complete with goody bags from Sakara. More details on signing up soon!

  • Complete the challenge and get entered to win one of 10 amazing goody bags packed with killer swag from our favorite brands.

  • Whoever takes the most classes in the 14 days will win a grand prize!


MNT10 Challenge FAQ's

with MNT Founder, Elaine Hayes

Why did you come up with this challenge?

This time of year, it can be difficult to stay motivated and energized in your workout routine. In my experience, when I want to feel better and get my glow back, I up my workouts and take at least 5 classes at MNT per week. This immediately awakens my body and helps me feel empowered when it comes to my health and fitness. A food-based cleanse serves as a nice boost, allowing for a "vacation for your insides."

I've personally found that Sakara’s 10-Day Cleanse produces the following benefits:

  1. Decrease bloat and reduce inflammation - goodbye puffy eyes!

  2. Shed excess weight (if needed + wanted).

  3. Wake up with increased energy and experience stronger stamina throughout the day.

  4. Clearer more radiant complexion. 

  5. Tastebuds change - minimized sugar and processed food cravings!

  6. Take a break from the foods that tax your body and dull your glow.

  7. Restore harmony to your gut microbiome and feel revitalized inside + out.

  8. More focused mind = more productivity at work!

  9. Healthy habits start to form

  10. Enhanced mood - when you feel better in your body, you feel better about everything!

How can I make the most out of this challenge?

My advice would be to complete the 10 MNT classes and the 10 Day Sakara Program simultaneously. By feeding your body the nutrients it needs, you will have more energy than ever to crush your workouts and get the best possible results. 

I want to do the challenge, but I don't want to do a cleanse. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! I truly believe that the best approach to your health is a tailored and individualized plan. If cleansing is not for you, then by all means still participate in the fitness component of the challenge. Then, if you wish, you could create your own healthy eating plan, focusing on whole, natural, and nourishing foods.

I already have a class package, do I have to buy a new one? 

Nope! You can use whatever class package or membership you currently have to take classes during the challenge. We just offered the special price as a nice treat to stock up on classes if needed. 

What kinds of classes count in this challenge?

All classes that MNT offers count as part of this challenge, including Privates! You can even take two classes in one day, which will count for two classes towards your goal of 10. 

I'm going to be traveling during this time, or I’m not local to San Francisco can I still participate? 

Unfortunately this challenge isn't available on the go yet, but we're looking into ways to make that available next time. If you’d like to participate in the Sakara Cleanse, email us at and we’ll help you out. :)

I've never done a cleanse. What is it?

A cleanse is a way to reset your system in order to promote the elimination of toxins. In doing so, the body is able to heal itself of inflammation, sugar cravings, fatigue, and other common symptoms (see above!). As always, listen to your body. If you find that a cleanse is not right for you, make sure to nourish yourself with healthy and whole foods so that you feel your best. Learn more here

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