Reformer Choreography


Reformer Hands On Corrections Workshop

Reformer Short Box Flow

Reformer Theraband Flow

Reformer Spine Corrector Flow


Prenatal Reformer Workshop


JULY 2019

Reformer Flow with Inversions

Reformer Quadruped Flow

Reformer Abdominal and Ankle Weight Flow

JUNE 2019

Reformer 1 Red Spring Flow

Reformer Rotating Disc Flow

Reformer Zero Springs Flow

MAY 2019

Reformer Slider Flow

Reformer Core and Upper Body Flow

Reformer Standing Exercises with Magic Circle

APRIL 2019

Reformer Magic Circle Flow


July 2018

Reformer Baton Flow

Reformer Box Flow

Reformer Flow w/ Ring

MNTbarre Choreography


Barre Prenatal Workshop

Barre Walking Burpee

Barre Chair Row

JULY 2018

Warmup – Side Lunge Series

Barre Series w/Ball

Combo Arms Series

Barre Work w/ Ring

Mat Pilates

July 2018

Mat Series w/Ring

Core Series w/Ball


MNT Pilates Bootcamp 

July 2018

Bootcamp Cardio Blast