We all know that wellness is about more than fitness, but sometimes making those healthy food choices can be challenging and confusing. With so many fad diets and different belief systems out there, how do you know which approach is right for you? Wellness and nutrition requires a tailored approach; one in which you find exactly what it is that works for your specific body, lifestyle, needs and wants.

That is why we are so excited to have partnered with Health and Wellness Coach, Molly Alliman. With a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition, she helps her clients demystify the diet and nutrition world and helps you find a plan that suits your individual needs. With a tailored nutrition and wellness plan, you can stop stressing about whether you are making the best food choices, and start living your life energized, nourished, and balanced. 

Booking a coaching session is easy. Just use the contact form below to get started. Your session will be held at MNTSTUDIO in a private and comfortable setting, or at Molly's office in the Mission District. 

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Molly Alliman is a health and wellness coach who uses her knowledge and passion for nutrition to educate her clients on how eating whole foods can lead to weight loss, clearer skin, increased energy, improved digestion and better sleep. Her approach integrates the practice of sustainable nutrition that is free from dieting, calorie counting, points and restrictions. Molly teaches her clients how to form healthy habits and make better choices without cutting out the foods they love. 

Molly graduated from the University of Arizona and then went on to study sustainable food practices at the Presidio Management School and holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She currently lives in San Francisco, is addicted to green smoothies and loves to create recipes for healthy versions of her favorite unhealthy foods.